Cyberinfrastructure for social sciences

In March of this year, the NSF Workshop on Cyberinfrastructure for the Social Sciences was held in Warrenton, VA. The purpose of the workshop was to engage the social science community (sociologists, psychologists, economists, etc. ) and unite them with the computer scientists and engineers to discuss and compose a future plan for Cyberinfrastructure that benefits both research communities in a collaborative way. Two goals were outlined for the workshop and the resulting report:

1. The Workshop Report should lay out a Cyberinfrastructure research, experimentation, and infrastructure path forward for the SBE and CISE community and provide a framework for projects and efforts in this area.

2. The Workshop should provide a venue for community building within the SBE and CISE communities, and in particular a venue for a multi-disciplinary synergistic community which leverages the perspectives and research of both SBE and CISE constituencies.

Both goals were achieved. Many recommendations and challenges resulted from the meeting, which are outlined in the full report (440 K, 50 pages).

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