November 2005
E-Infrastructure: Europe Meets the e-Science Challenge
Carole Goble and Sean Bechhofer, University of Manchester, UK

Semantic Grid Challenges

Grid Services currently deal with this semantic infrastructure in ad-hoc and hidden ways, providing poor mechanisms for sharing and openly processing knowledge. This makes the knowledge hard to share, and hard to interpret by services other than the originators. Often these schemas are fixed, which makes them rather inflexible. Much of the metadata is hard-coded and buried in code libraries, type systems, or grid applications. This makes it hard to adapt and configure. Finally, understanding and know-how is frequently tacit, embedded in best practice and experience rather than explicitly recorded. This makes sharing, customisation and adaptation difficult, and dependent on scarce human effort. The Semantic Grid aims to provision a semantic infrastructure for Grid infrastructure to improve sharing, enable unanticipated reuse of resources, support interoperability and enable more flexible and configurable middleware.

OntoGrid is a step towards the Semantic Grid. There are many challenges to explore. Many are technical—architectural or theoretical foundations, the maturity of semantic and grid technologies, their appropriateness for the required tasks, their scalability, the separation of grid level and application specific semantics, and making it easier not harder by combining semantic infrastructure with Grid computing infrastructure. Others are operational—gathering and maintaining the semantic content, reliance on unavailable tooling, and convincingly showing the added value of semantics when the return on investment may come downstream, be long term and benefit developers other than the originators. Some are sociological and political—the interplay between the Semantic and the Grid communities, the inter-factional battles within those communities and the legal, security and privacy implications of clearly exposed metadata and automated reasoning.

Acknowledgements The OntoGrid Consortium: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain (Co-ordinator), The University of Manchester, UK, The University of Liverpool UK, Technical University of Crete (TUC), Greece, Intelligent Software Components, Spain, Y’all B.V., The Netherlands, Deimos Space, S.L, Spain, Boyd International, B.V. The Netherlands. This work is supported by the EU FP6 OntoGrid project (STREP 511513) funded by the Grid-based Systems for solving complex problems.

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