February 2006
International Cyberinfrastructure: Activities Around the Globe
N. Mohan Ram, Chief Investigator – GARUDA
S. Ramakrishnan, Director General – C-DAC

3.8 Applications

Applications of national importance that require aggregation of geographically distributed resources will be developed and deployed on the GARUDA Grid. Natural Disaster Management and bio-informatics applications that are characterized by intensive computing and data access requirements are being targeted during this phase.

C-DAC in association with a partner research institution will mine data from a network of sensors deployed over vast disaster prone regions and upload it to GARUDA as input to forecast models appropriate to various stages of disaster management. This will enable timely dissemination of disaster information to user agencies for effective mitigation and relief measures.

C-DAC's Bio-informatics Resource and Applications Facility20 (BRAF) on the PARAM Supercomputing facility is accessible for the bio-informatics research community involved in insilico molecule identification and new drug discovery. The enormity of data and complexity of algorithms require tremendous computational cycles and storage. This demands effective use of grid resources beyond those available at any single location.

4. Project Dissemination

A public website www.garudaindia.in provides the required mechanism for the GARUDA Grid community to exchange and disseminate information periodically. GARUDA publications, technical reports and newsletters can be accessed through this site. C-DAC will organize a set of thematic workshops and conferences on a regular basis. Training activities will be organized to ensure that the users of GARUDA are kept abreast of the latest technological advancements in Grid Computing.

5. Conclusion

GARUDA will demonstrate the power of the Grid by deploying select applications of national importance over the test bed. It will eliminate the barriers to the coordinated use of national resources, regardless of the physical location of these resources and their users. For the first time in the country, it will provide a persistent and supported set of Grid infrastructure and deployable services. This infrastructure will provide a range of new Grid services addressing issues of resource discovery, secure access, resource monitoring and management, distributed data management and the like. Our goal in creating this national infrastructure is to enable novel approaches to scientific computing based on emerging concepts, the outcome of which will lead to revolutionary changes in a wide range of scientific disciplines across the country.


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