February 2006
International Cyberinfrastructure: Activities Around the Globe
Whey-Fone Tsai, Fang Pang Lin, Weicheng Huang, Steven Shiau, Ming Hsiao Lee, Alex Wu, John Clegg, National Center for High-Performance Computing, Taiwan


The Knowledge Innovation National Grid (KING) project (Figure 1) began as an initiative under the "Challenge 2008" program, a comprehensive six-year National Development Plan formulated by the Taiwan government in 2002. The objective of the KING project (2003-2006) is to deploy a Grid infrastructure and conduct innovative pilot applications. KING's twin project, the TaiWan Advanced Research and Education Network (TWAREN, 2003-2007) (Figure 2), is a world-class, island-wide, next-generation research and education network. The KING and TWAREN initiatives form the kernel of Taiwan's Cyberinfrastructure and provide an advanced and collaborative environment to our national research, government, and industrial communities. In the first stage of the project (2003-2006), we will deploy the necessary Grid resources and develop the required support technologies. We will then launch our Grid services beginning 2007.

Figure 1

Figure 1. The Application-Driven Project, KING.

Figure 2

Figure 2. The TWAREN Network.

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