February 2006
International Cyberinfrastructure: Activities Around the Globe
Whey-Fone Tsai, Fang Pang Lin, Weicheng Huang, Steven Shiau, Ming Hsiao Lee, Alex Wu, John Clegg, National Center for High-Performance Computing, Taiwan

Grid Applications

The resource-sharing applications devised for the Cyber-innovation encompasses education-based projects such as E-learning Grid and Multi-disciplinary e-Teaching Platform. It also includes specific Life Science Grid-based projects such as Biology Grid, SARS Grid, Asthma Grid, and Eco Grid. It also includes engineering research in Hazard Mitigation projects such as Flood Mitigation Grid and Earthquake Engineering Grid. These applications are directly related to information collection, fusion, processing, and sharing. Table 1 illustrates the extent that Grid-based applications depend on Grid resources and supporting technologies. The utilization of a network is intrinsic to all applications. The incorporation of sensor networks is particularly prominent in many applications. It allows for the automation of workflow from direct observation and/or raw data collection to simulation.

The NCHC's Grid-based achievements include SARS Grid, Asthma and Lung Cancer Grids, E-learning, Global Lakes Environmental Observational Networks (GLEON), Coral Reefs Environmental Observational Networks (CREON), and the Bio Grid-based 3D confocal images of the Drosophila fruit fly brain.

Grid Resources Supporting Technologies
Application Network Computing Data Storage Access Grid Sensor Network Visualization VR
E-Learn Grid S W S S W M
Multidisciplinary e-Teaching Platform S S S S S S
Ecology Grid: GLEON/ S M S W S W
Flood Mitigation Grid S S S S S S
Asthma Grid S W S W S W
Earthquake Engineering Grid S S S M S M
Biology Grid S M S W W S
Table 1. The Weighting of Grid Resources and Supporting Technologies Used In Various Grid Applications

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