February 2006
International Cyberinfrastructure: Activities Around the Globe
Whey-Fone Tsai, Fang Pang Lin, Weicheng Huang, Steven Shiau, Ming Hsiao Lee, Alex Wu, John Clegg, National Center for High-Performance Computing, Taiwan

Community Alliances

Resource sharing also implies the physical network that connects the computing resources as well as the "people" network needed to develop specific application domains. Similar large-scale international Grid projects such as the USA's TeraGrid project and the UK's e-Science program also incorporate this "people" network. Each of KING's applications has a specific community alliance attached to it. As an example, Flood Mitigation Grid is supported by Taiwan's Water Resource Agency (WRA). Flood Mitigation Grid is also utilized by Taiwan's water management offices, professors, researchers, and engineers. In another example, Chang Gung University and its medical centers support the NCHC's Medical Grid project in their effort to better understand medical information.

International Collaborations

The TWAREN network is based on the Internet Protocol (IP). The IP and higher layer Grid middleware are based on open standards. This allows for the transparent sharing of resources at a local, regional, and global level. In recent years, international collaboration has become commonplace, however, newly developed models of international collaboration must also evolve to meet new needs. International organizations such as the Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA), Asia Pacific Grid (ApGrid), and the Global Grid Forum (GGF) have been established to meet these needs. The NCHC is an active member in all of these organizations and follows their development very closely. All resources and application developments are shared extensively within these organizations. The NCHC led the combat against SARS in 2003. The NCHC also hosted the 5th PRAGMA later that same year. The NCHC is also active in the development of a new ecological research organization established to monitor global lakes and coral reefs via sensor networks.


Over the last three years, the NCHC has deployed a robust and comprehensive Cyberinfrastructure plan for Taiwan. The Cyberinfrastructure's distributed and shared resources, including high-end networking, computing, and data storage, are fully operational. The Cyberinfrastructure's supporting technologies are also completely developed and have been utilized to create many useful and life-enhancing applications. Through its pilot applications, the NCHC has shown great innovation and leadership in human life-related Grids. Beginning 2007, the NCHC will provide complete Grid operation service from its central Taiwan Business Unit. Also beginning 2007, the NCHC will evolve its Cyberinfrastructure to service local business and industry in addition to academia.

Relevant Links
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NCHC web site - http://www.nchc.org.tw/en/
NCHC Access Grid - http://twag.nchc.org.tw
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NCHC TDW - http://tdw.nchc.org.tw
TWAREN - http://www.twaren.net/

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