241543903 What is It, and Why is It Viral on Social Media?

What is 241543903, and why is it viral on social media?

Do you often wonder what the 241543903 meme is and why people share it on websites like Facebook and Twitter? It is also known by the name of Heads in Freezers and called a photo meme where individuals take pictures while having their heads in the freezer and share them online later. It started way back in April 2009, but it is still shared by tons of users on their profiles.

You will see tons of Google pages where people put their heads in the freezer after typing 241543903 in the search box. Additionally, there are tons of such random photos on Instagram having 241543903 hashtags. We understand you might be thinking about what kind of prank it is? You will get an answer to all the queries at this page.

What is the story behind 241543903?

There is a very interesting story behind the emergence of this photo meme in the internet world. The creator of this digit is the popular artist with the name of David Horvitz, who has worked on many different instructional projects. He posted a picture with the title “241543903” on 6th April 2009 where David’s head was in the freezer. This picture was uploaded to his Flickr account and took the internet by storm.

A picture with the same title and posture was uploaded the next day in a Tumblr post by him. David derived the 241543903 number by mixing the fridge’s serial number and barcodes that were written on the pack of soba noodles and edamame stored in the refrigerator at that time.

What were the instructions for others for posting “241543903” picture?

This meme gained a little bit of momentum within few days of its first posting. To make it easier for others, David posted a status with instructions to post 241543903 pictures.

  • It is just an experiment with the Google search engine.
  • He picked up a random number, “241543903,” and posts it with a picture having his head in the freezer.
  • David further requests others to do the same thing and post a picture with the same title. He further suggests everyone wait for the results.

How it becomes popular on social media?

Now, let’s talk about the real thing, i.e., how it becomes popular on social media without logic. Its popularity begins in Brazil due to solid effort made by David’s friend who used local youth marketing techniques by distributing pamphlets. This picture meme goes on a steady speed in popularity but peaked later

Since then, thousands of people have uploaded pictures featuring their heads in the refrigerator with the number “241543903”. Despite being the very strangest meme, it has become trendy on social media.

How it becomes popular on the international level?

Many people think that how it crosses the international borders when it just started in Brazil. Its buzz soon reached the social network site Orkut that is Google’s most popular service among Japanese. However, the peak of this meme was yet to come as it happened in December 2010 when the post went viral on Tumblr. There were tons of bloggers and artists who share pictures with their heads in the freezers.


Google has tons of HD images where people have put their head inside the freezer and post it with the title “241543903” numeric number. We believe that now you understand everything about this photo meme and why it has achieved this sort of popularity on social media websites. Are you too looking to try this meme? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Let’s post your picture with the “241543903” title on your favorite social media site.

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