How to Write an Announcement Letter – Proven Tricks with Free Samples

Have something big to announce? It can be a business or a personal situation. Whether the announcement is a formal or an informal one, you always want your voice to be heard loud and clear. You may make an announcement verbally but that would not make the impact as a written announcement letter would create among your audience.

What is an Announcement Letter?

An announcement letter is an announcement which is written to announce any special event or occasion or respond to a number of purposes such as promotion, holidays, bonus, change in company policy, retirement, college graduation, engagement, wedding, etc. Moreover, the announcement letter may also contain several positive reasons such as product launching.

Some of the announcement letters are for business purpose and some are for the personal purpose. So, one is formal and another is informal.

Different Types of Announcement Letters

As you’ve already read above, the letter of announcement can be of many types. We are mentioning different types of such letters divided into two main categories – formal and informal.

Formal Letter of Announcement

  • Promotion Announcement,
  • Bonus Announcement,
  • Retirement Announcement,
  • Announcement Letter for Change in Policy,
  • Holiday Announcement,
  • Announcement for College Graduation, etc.

Informal Letter of Announcement

  • Wedding Announcement,
  • Announcement of Engagement,
  • Birthday Announcement,
  • Announcement Letter for Get-Together,
  • Pregnancy Announcement, etc.

Whether it’s a formal or an informal one, each of your announcement letters should be written in a specific manner and should follow certain parameters.

How to Write the Announcement Letters?

A letter writing is already an intimidating job! And making an announcement through the letters require even more care and cautiousness. We are here to guide you throughout the whole procedure and help you with the actionable tips to write the most impactful announcement letters to your employees, students, friends, and relatives.

Quick Suggestions for Announcement Letter Writing

Below are the tips to follow if you want to write the most effective letter of announcement. Overlooking the tips may make your letter unprofessional or unimpactful! So, go through carefully and implement our suggestions into your announcing letter.

Frame Your Letter

Regardless of the reason for writing an announcement letter, one thing is obvious to do – create a framing for your letter. The framing of your letter should be done in a way that it is fully comprehensible to the readers and they find out the important elements of the announcement easily. Whatever the announcement may be, arrange them in chronological order.

Draft Letter Roughly

Once you have made a framing, it’s important to draft the letter written roughly. This way, it will be easier for you to make improvements in the letter. The mistakes are okay to happen such as grammatical issues, wrong use of punctuation, spelling errors, typo, etc. These things can be fixed later. When you draft your rough letter with a defined frame, it will also be easier for you to fill the subject matter.

Be Short and Specific

You should always come straight to the main point at the very beginning of the letter. The information you add should also be added in a short and sweet way. Stretching the letter unnecessarily with needless matters would waste your time as well as the readers’ time. You should be frank but not be blunt with your words on the letter. Come directly to the information and keep it simple. You may also add dates to your letter for further endeavors.

Make a Loud Announcement

When you’re writing an announcement letter, it needs to be loud and clear! And if you wish to make a loud announcement, it’s vital to have your own voice in the crowd. The announcement should be made in a way that it tempts the readers. The colored texts or bold texts or other stylizing options can be availed to vitalize the announcement you want to make. Use visible and readable font size on the letter. Moreover, if the announcement is hardcore professional, using a watermark or logo of your organization can be a viable idea.

Show Your Courtesy

When you are courteous in your letter, it tempts the users to read more as they find the letter more fascinating and readable. It’s recommended to show your gratitude in the beginning and end of the letter which reflects an immense amount of respect to your readers. Whether the letter is positive or negative, you should always think about the subject matter before writing the letter and show gratitude on the letter.

Use Positive Tone

A positive tone has to be there while writing any letter and especially, in the announcement letter. While crafting a letter of announcement, make sure you are involving the positive terms such as:

  • Appreciate,
  • Thank You,
  • Precious Client,
  • Valued Presence,
  • Top Employee, and much more positive terms you can think of.

These positive words will help you create a positive impact on the readers’ mind. And they will be more open to accepting the announcement made by you.

Be Optimistic about the Future

If you have to announce something bad, you should always start with an apologetic or sad tone which will make the recipients think that you’re also feeling bad just as they do! Now, after you’ve put your statement, finish the letter with optimism for the future which makes your letter immensely positive. The announcement letter with bad news may be related to the late salary payment or payment cutoff for one month. You need to deal trickily in this case.

Use Letterhead

If the announcement is an official one, using a letterhead would be a great way to grab the recipients’ attention. However, this recommendation is entirely for the official purpose. If you are writing an informal announcement letter, you don’t need to go through such obligations.

Close Letter Properly

When it comes to the right closing of an announcing letter, the gratitude and professional courtesy will play a pivotal role. When you are closing the letter, repeating the appreciation makes the recipient(s) feel important. Moreover, using the salutations like sincerely, regards, thank you, truly, yours faithfully, etc. will add to the letter’s gratitude.

Edit and Edit More

Editing is one of the primary factors when you are writing a letter. And when the letter is an important one like announcing an event, occasion or business-related news, editing becomes even more critical part. If you don’t edit your letter before sending to your employees, friends, or relatives, the errors in the letter would influence them to doubt on your knowledge and seriousness!

Thus, after finishing the announcement letter, make sure you are editing it and fixing the sentence structural errors, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and wrong phrases in your letter. This way, you’ll easily rectify the mistakes and create the most effective letter for an important announcement.

Format of Announcement Letter

So, you know what to include and what not in the letter of announcement. For your convenience, we are mentioning a general format for both formal and informal announcing letters.

Formal Format of Announcement Letter

1. Header of the Letter

  • Sender’s Name
  • Sender’s Address
  • Date of the Letter
  • Recipient’s Name
  • Recipient’s Address

2. Body of the Letter

  • Clear mention of the subject
  • Salutation before Recipient’s Name

3. First Paragraph

  • Primary information of the announcement you want to make.

4. Second Paragraph

  • Additional details of the announcement such as date, time, venue, etc.

5. Third Paragraph

  • A gesture of contentment

6. Closing

  • Show Gratitude
  • Add Salutation (such as sincerely, yours faithfully, truly, regards, etc.) and Your Signature

This is the format you should maintain in all the formal announcement letters you write.

Informal Format of Announcement Letter

1. Header of the Letter

  • Date of the Letter
  • Recipient’s Name

2. Body of the Letter

  • Salutation before the Recipient’s Name

3. First Paragraph

  • Primary announcement of the event or the occasion.

4. Second Paragraph

  • Additional details of the event or occasion such as venue, date, time, etc.

5. Third Paragraph

  • A motion of delight and happiness

6. Closing

  • Showing gratitude
  • Salutation like truly, regards, faithfully, yours, etc.
  • Signature

And now, with the format of the informal announcement letter, you know both the formats! So, you can go ahead with your vital announcement.

An announcement is an important aspect that is used to convey the vital news to the recipients. Thus, the announcement letters need to be written in a careful and clear manner. There should never be any confusion related to the announcement you are making. Since this kind of letter is usually produced to convey highly important news, there should be no scope left for anything to go wrong!

Regardless of the kind of announcement you want to make (formal or informal), you will find each and every announcement letter along with the free sample and templates on our website.

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