Best Cycles Under 15000 to Stay Fit During Lockdown

Exercising has become a premier part of most people, especially during the pandemic era.  With gyms being closed for the foreseeable future, they look for other options for keeping themselves fit. While home workout equipment is a good choice to make, cycles are a more solid option for working on the whole body. Investing in the best cycles under 15000 will make sure you not only keep yourself fit but also experience a considerable boost in stamina.

Furthermore, an improved immunity level helps protect the body against viruses like Covid19 in a better way. Cycling is a very effective activity for toning up your body and getting a much-needed break from endless burpees. Even the expert fitness coaches suggest gym lovers to go for an outdoor activity to boost their stamina. We have received numerous requests from visitors about suggestions for top bicycles to shop in this pandemic era.

Our team has done proper research and testing before creating a list of the top best cycles under 15000 to stay fit during the lockdown. Let’s have a look at all these options and shop for the one you like the most!

#1. Caya Triple Alloy Rims Bike (editor’s choice)

The top bike that can help people boost fitness in this tough time is this triple alloy rims bicycle manufactured by the Caya brand. It is a unisex bike having large tires for making the ride easier and convenient. Available in two different colors, this product is equipped with triple wall alloy rims that result in making the system strong.

Despite being an ultra-solid unit, it has a very lightweight construction that makes the movement super easier for everyone. It is a brilliant bicycle designed with dual disc brakes for stopping the vehicle during emergencies. On top of that, the company added a front shocker with a lifetime warranty other than any accidental situation.

The main highlight you will definitely like about this unit is the wheel size of 26 inches for making the ride smoother. If we talk about the frame, it is made using top-quality steel that lasts longer for many years without corrosion. The next thing most people greatly worried about is how hard assembly will be. It is super easy that doesn’t take much time if done by a professional. Most buyers who have bought it are very positive about the installation process.

Overall, it is a brilliant cycle with awesome looks that give a positive feeling during the lockdown period. The Caya brand offers a delightful after-sales service that ensures the buyers can ride free from worries for a considerable amount of money. Buying this cycle will turn out to be a great boost for your health.


  • Extremely cool and attractive design
  • Provide brilliant balancing
  • The extraordinary double braking system
  • Fully lightweight construction


  • Missing screws in few cases
  • The replacement period is a little bit longer


#2. Firefox Bikes Grunge-D (runners up)

The second option we want to recommend to the buyers is Grunge-D from the Firefox brand that won’t disappoint in terms of sturdiness and durability. It is a quality model that ensures top-class stability and balancing on the road. You will fall in love with its steel front suspension system of 60mm travel for delivering extra strength to the system.

This bicycle comes with a solid installation manual that helps in making the assembly process easier than ever. In this unit, a wonderful feature is its front suspension fork that helps make the ride exceptional for most buyers. Furthermore, its quality alloy disc brakes provide instant braking power making sure you can avoid accidents. Additionally, the disc brakes are very smooth and don’t create much noise on the road.

It is a top-notch bicycle that most people can assemble themselves if they bought it online. You won’t question the positioning of this product in the list of best cycles under 15000 in any manner. Few buyers have said that the company sells it at a little bit high priced, but the riding experience you can enjoy on this bike makes it a worthy choice to make.

Overall, it has everything that can help you in attaining fitness during this tough lockdown time. The Firefox Grunge-D is a superbike that allows the users to ride very smoothly on the road without making any noise even if they perform extreme braking.


  • Very convenient to assemble
  • Perfect for long-distance cycling
  • Capable of climbing slopes brilliantly
  • Delivered with a solid set of accessories


  • Wheeler puller makes a sound in few cases
  • Local support network could have been better


#3. Firefox Bikes Voya (best for city ride)

We all know how hard it becomes to work on the body in the busy lifestyle of cities. However, the lockdown period has given a chance to people to boost their health, and this bike can definitely help them to do so. It has a quality aluminum alloy body that provides sturdiness for letting the bike stay the same for many years to come.

There are double-wall rims, and nylon tires added to the unit for enhancing the riding experience to a considerable level. It is available in two beautiful colors like matt grey and gross blue for providing extra choice during shopping. The company has designed it so that the riders can easily enjoy the functionality of traditional city cycling. It has a very good set of specifications that any bicycle owner wishes to have.

There is top-quality aluminum used for designing this solid bicycle with the motive of providing longevity. A wonderful thing that most buyers will like about this unit is it has a medium-light construction boosting the ride quality to a different level.

Its installation is very easy, and you may find little issues while adjusting V-brake, but the results are quite satisfactory. There are very few instances when the company has delivered a defective model to the customers that increase satisfaction.


  • Easy to understand installation
  • Available at a good price
  • Solid aluminum body
  • Give smoother ride


  • V-brake adjustment takes time
  • Doesn’t come with mudguard


#4. Cardiac Mountain Bicycle (best under RS 10,000)

Cardiac mountain bicycle is a wonderful choice that comes with a plethora of useful features for making the ride smoother on the road. It can be very helpful for the riders to boost their fitness level when all the gyms are closed out there. The company has added dual disc brakes using which the bike can be stopped immediately.

There are wide handlebars added to the cycle that the majority of people love in a bicycle. The presence of a solid steel frame makes sure it can serve the buyers for upcoming years. It has 21-speed gears for adding extra quickness if you like to ride at a fast speed. You can effectively use this bicycle on both city & village roads quite easily.

However, we didn’t suggest anyone use this bike for off-road adventures as it isn’t made for such conditions. It is a stylish bike that you can use for many different works ranging from casual rides to hard fitness workouts, whatever you need the most.

You will also be amazed to find this unit comes with a mudguard and side stand to add extra convenience to the system. Overall, it is a wonderful purchase that buyers can enjoy an exceptional riding experience during the lockdown period.


  • Installation doesn’t take much time
  • Exceptionally durable construction
  • The very powerful braking system
  • Equipped with mudguard for extra cleanliness


  • Not recommended for hill rides
  • Average suspension forks


#5. Hercules Flunk RF 26 T (best single cycle)

The fifth option we want to mention is Flunk RF 26T that manufactured by a top brand like Hercules. It is a customer-centric product that is delivered with all the tools for making the installation process convenient. It is an ideal option for those who want a sturdy bike with single-speed ability.

It is one of the best cycles under 15000 that only gives full value for the money and doesn’t ask much for maintenance even after years. The company has designed it in a matte black finish that looks pretty alluring to the eyes. The buyers can shop it in two different colors: black & orange and black & green for extra choice.

It is made using top-quality steel that allows the riders to make their bodies healthy in all types of circumstances. The manufacturer has added a pretty wide seat whose main motive is to boost the comfort level for the users. Another thing most previous owner has liked this unit because it is a very effective mudguard that protects from slush and mud.

In simple words, it is a top-class cycle having the ability to give an excellent performance that very few models can offer at this price range. The company has added everything to make it useful for the buyers in various prospects. If someone has a little bit shorter budget, this bicycle will be an good model to shop.


  • Exceptionally beautiful black finish
  • Super convenient to maintain
  • Highly effective mudguard
  • Available at ultra-affordable price


  • Few complaints about missing accessories
  • Attain scratches quickly


#6. Omobikes 1.0 Hybrid Cycle (best lightweight cycle)

We know a lot of buyers prefer to shop for a bicycle that has fully lightweight construction. If you are somehow one of them, we suggest investing money in OmoBikes 1.0 Hybrid Cycle that allows the users to roam in the city quite easily. It is one of the most amazing hybrid cycles that you can buy in India at a good price.

It is a very stylish model having just 12.9 Kg of weight allows the riders to enjoy a magnificent experience on the road. Top-quality tensile material is used to provide solid strength for letting the users enjoy riding for many years.

Despite being a start-up company, they haven’t compromised in terms of services and provided tons of amazing accessories like locks, tools, bells, and strong stands among others. Another amazing thing that you will definitely like about this manufacturer is they plant 5 trees for every bike sold to customers.

If we talk about tires, it is fully resistant against punctures that help in making the speed better. This efficient bicycle is ideal for people with heights between 5 to 6 inches. It is one of the most stylish models that anyone can shop for to boost their health adequately.


  • Superb high tensile steel frame
  • Equipped with a comfortable gripping system
  • Extremely stylish look
  • Easy to adjust


  • Assembly takes a little bit extra time
  • Average customer service

#7. Cockatoo CBC-05 Elite Series 26T Mountain Bike (best hybrid cycle)

We can’t complete this list without mentioning the name of a quality hybrid cycle. The next option is Cockatoo CBC-05 that delivers to buyers with a two years warranty against the manufacturing defects. The company has used top-quality carbon steel as the main part for designing the framework efficiently.

It comes with a superb fork suspension system that makes the riding experience comfortable for the users. They are further aided by top-quality tires having the ability to work excitedly on both on & off-roads easily. The seating is wide enough for riding during long hours without causing much fatigue.

Its built-in design is definitely good enough to accommodate a rider up to the height of 5 feet 6 inches quite easily. It comes with a 630 mm front freewheel and 425 mm rear freewheel that make things fully comfortable. The total weight of this cycle is just 18 KGs making sure you can easily move it from one place to another.

The manufacturer has also added quality hydraulic shock absorbers to travel on the road quickly. There is also a leather seat attached to the cycle for boosting the comfort. Overall, this product is very useful to make your health better while performing cycling during this lockdown.


  • High-quality steel frame
  • Comfortable leather seat
  • Extremely lightweight construction
  • Backed by a two-year warranty


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Few people may find it costly


#8. Hero Sprint Next 26T Mountain Bike (best for teenagers)

This 18-speed mountain bike is specially made to cater to the needs of teenagers looking to get in shape during the covid19 pandemic. It comes with a 17 inches solid frame having caliper brakes on both the front and rear sides. The manufacturer has used top-quality steel to provide extra durability to the cycle.

It is one of the best cycles under 10,000 that an individual can ride comfortably, even with a height of 4.4 feet. There are V-brakes attached to the bicycle for stopping the vehicle instantly without any delay. It is manufactured by a top brand like Hero who doesn’t need any sort of recognition.

It is available in two different colors, named red black and green black for giving an extra choice to young kids. Additionally, you won’t mind having high-quality mudguards that can be very helpful in tons of conditions. While buying a bicycle for youngsters, we always pay special attention to safety. The availability of non-slip pedals ensures the feet stay at their place while riding on the road.

Other impressive features in this mountain bike are a PU saddle, twin fork suspension system, and light reflector for making the ride as exceptional as possible. The company delivers it with all the assembly tools for ensuring that assembly becomes super easier and convenient.


  • Highly superb & comfortable ride
  • Delivered with incredible assembly tools
  • Very ergonomic design
  • Light reflector for extra protection


  • Complaints about noises in the suspension system
  • Not so smoother gear shifting


Best Cycles under 15,000: How to Choose the Perfect Bike for You!

We have mentioned numerous choices in this article that might have made things difficult for few buyers. It is quite easy to get puzzled when too many options are put in front of them. We have created a list of things to check while buying a bicycle to make things easier.

  • Bike Type

The most important decision to make is which bike type should be shopped. The major types of bicycles people usually buy are hybrid, mountain, and fitness bikes.

Every type of bike has its benefits when it comes to health. However, mountains and hybrids are ideal choices for toning your body during this lockdown.

  • Assembly Process

The next critical factor you have to address is what kind of assembly process the bike has, especially if you are shopping online.  After all, none of the buyers will wish to spend hours just to set up the bicycle after paying tons of money.

Go for the models that have less complicated assembly, so that installation process gets completed within an hour or two to give the best experiences.

  • Right Size

No matter how much money you spend, it won’t do you any favors if the bicycle ride isn’t comfortable. Riding a correct size bicycle will keep tons of problems like stiffness and foot problems away.

There are many different types of bicycles available for shop making sure everyone can match their body measurements. Go for the model that can give you proper comfort and exceptional riding experience at the same time.

  • Budget

Although we have mentioned models that come under the 15,000 RS range, it doesn’t mean you have to spend this much money. Many good models can be shopped by spending a small amount of money.

We suggest that readers understand their needs and make decisions according to that rather than just looking at the price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I lose belly fat by cycling?

Yes, cycling is a wonderful activity that one can do to boost their fitness and getting rid of belly fat. It can offer you a great workout to reach fitness goals quickly.

  • Is longer cycling rides more effective?

According to experts, it is better to go for one or two longer rides instead of five short rides for reaching your weight loss goals.

  • What burns more calories- stationary bike or outdoor bicycles?

There are moderately more calories burned by outdoor bicycles when compared with stationary bikes. On average, an hour of cycling outdoors can help in burning 550 calories that is pretty great.

  • Which is better- cycling or running?

Running burns more calories than cycling. However, one can perform cycling for a longer period than running and burn extra calories if they have time on their hands.


There is nothing in this world that can beat the benefits of bicycle ride during this lockdown period. Even the government advertises cycling for staying away from stress and tensions in this tough time. We have mentioned the best cycles under 15,000 to help you in making the right decisions. It is important to stay safe and avoid any area that is crowded for the sake of your family’s health.

There are tremendous sorts of benefits that one can enjoy by having a bicycle at home. Don’t forget to tell us about your experiences with the model bought after reading our recommendations in the comment section.

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