How to Choose the Best Gaming Keyboard?

If you are an avid gaming lover, then we believe that you understand the importance of equipment needed while playing. Assembling the right gaming system is a little bit complicated task as you always look to shop the best models. The same goes for shopping the gaming keyboard that is available in a variety of designs and price ranges. We all wish to invest in the product that gave a full return to the investment. 

However, the issue is the majority of people don’t know what things to check while shopping for a gaming keyboard. If you want to learn about those factors, then we suggest you read the post until the end. We have listed all of them in detail below with proper explanation. 

  • Type

The main thing you need to look in a gaming keyboard is what type you need. The two best options are membrane and mechanical from which the majority of gamers choose. The majority of low-priced models are membrane, whereas the high-cost options are generally mechanical. 

There is an electrical current run through the membrane keyboards via two plastic membranes. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards work the same as the typewriter having a mechanical switch under every keycap. If your budget allows, then we will surely suggest buying the mechanical keyboard as it offers better feeling and reliability. 

  • Keyboard Size

The next thing you need to look in a gaming keyboard is what kind of size you are comfortable with. We believe you understand that some keyboards have more keys, whereas others don’t have the same number. If you are comfortable without working without a number pad, then tenkeyless size is the right option to choose.

If you are one of those people for whom the number pad is an important characteristic, then it is ideal to choose a full-size keyboard without thinking even for a second. 

  • Customization and Macro Buttons

The third must-see feature in the keyboard is the speed that is very important during gaming. A good gaming keyboard is the one that should be equipped with a dedicated set of buttons as they can be programmed for execution macros of certain games that can be a great convenience. 

There is only a need for a single keystroke for assigning a macro to a keyboard macro button. The reason behind that the reaction times are pretty short in games nowadays. Also, try to find the models that come with a softer spring and custom print on the top side.

  • Material

Another important aspect that you shouldn’t miss checking in gaming is its material. There are mainly two types of materials used for manufacturing these keyboards- ABS Plastic and PBT Plastic. The ABS plastic is considered a better option as they don’t rub off easily and don’t leave any unpleasant glass. Additionally, they have better temperature resistance and strength. 

If we talk about PBT plastic, then we will say it is a little bit cheap and light when compared with the ABS plastic. The characters on such keyboards usually get erased quite easily. Also, they can melt even with a few hours in sunlight. 

  • Ergonomics

The factor that we can’t miss mentioning in this buying guide is the comfort level. After all, you can’t be productive in your games if things aren’t as per your requirement. Try to find the model that has a wrist stand that will make sure you feel minimum fatigue even after hours of intense play. 

The thing we want to tell the buyers is the ergonomics factor that ensures you feel confident enough to play enjoyable gaming moments. 

  • Special Software

It is always a plus point to shop a model that comes with special software using which keys programming becomes very easier. Also, saving different configuration profiles becomes convenient for users with such software. 


We believe now you understand what main aspects to consider while shopping the right gaming keyboard are. Always invest in the gaming equipment that compliments your game and lets you enjoy convincingly. If you feel there is something missed in this post, please let us know in the comment section. We will be happy to answer all of them happily. 

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