Customer Appreciation Letters – Thank You Note for Consumers

Do you know, you can build a long-term relationship with your clients by sharing customer appreciation letter or email? Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of your business, and an appreciation letter is the first step to achieve the key. So, sending a pleasing customer appreciation letter may help you gain commercial profit, and build a good relationship between you and the consumer.

What is Customer Appreciation Letter?

A consumer appreciation letter is a professional gesture to show gratitude towards exhisting and new clients. You can make positive rapport with your customers by appreciating them with a polite thank you note. Try to generate the vendor and consumer relationship by appreciating the behavior, choice, consideration and positive feedback of the clients.   

Why to Send an Appreciation Letter to a Customer

In a competitive market, a professional and gentle business communication help retain the customers. There are many other reasons behind sending an appreciation letter to the consumers. The customer appreciation letter is not only a mode to share a thankful note to the client, but it can also be beneficial for the vendors or businessmen in several other ways:

  • Customer appreciation letter builds the reputation of the business with positive feedbacks.
  • It helps in business promotion and consumer retention.
  • This appreciation letter acts as the mode of customer-engagement.
  • The letter makes a positive and strong relationship between the consumer and the vendor.
  • It’s a courteous way to show gladness to the customer.
  • This is a commercial way to create a consumer-cycle by appealing more customers.

When to Send the Customer Appreciation Letter

You should select the perfect timings to send a consumer appreciation letter. These types of note should be sent on the specific time periods without delay:

  • You can send a customer appreciation letter, thank you card or email when a consumer purchases expensive goods from your store.
  • The letter can be sent on annual events such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, Thanks Giving Day etc.
  • You can send the letter on the birthday of your customers.
  • It can be sent after a round period (1 or 2 years) when the client is your regular consumer.
  • The customer appreciation letter can also be sent via email after the first purchase.
  • If a consumer realized your problem regarding any commercial matter, you can send an appreciation letter to show gratitude.

Important Tips to Include in a Customer Appreciation Letter

When you are planning to send a customer appreciation letter, try to remember a few points. These ideas may help write a professional appreciation note to your consumers:

1. Acknowledge with Gratification to the Shopper

While drafting a commercial appreciation letter, acknowledge your gratification in a gentle tone with warmth. Your thankfulness can make a customer feel special.

2. Mention the Reason for Gratitude

When you are saying thanks, mention the reason for the gratitude to your clients. Do not confuse them with incomplete lines written in the letter. The thank you note should specify the customer appreciation logically.

3. Be Concise and Clear

Business letters and especially, customer appreciation letters should be to-the-point and clear. Don’t stretch long lines of appreciation to your consumers because they don’t have enough time to read a long letter amidst their busy schedule. Make sure that your thoughts of thankfulness are presented in a well-organized way to satisfy the consumer.

4. Send the Letter on Time

Generally, customers always value timely action. So, try to send the letter on definite time after purchasing the products from your store by the consumers. You can also send the notes on various occasions. By sending an appreciation letter timely, you can ensure that you have not forgotten your valuable customers.

5. Be Friendly While Writing the Letter

Remember, a customer appreciation letter can hold the reputation of your business. So, be friendly and familiar while writing a customer appreciation letter, and build your relation for a long time.

Format to Write a Consumer Appreciation Letter

While beginning a customer appreciation letter, you need to follow a pleasing tone in an official way. If you follow the basic format then you can draft an appreciation letter properly.

  • Begin with the Date and Address – Mention the address of the consumer and vendor properly at the beginning of the letter and also write the exact date of sending the note.
  • Make a Subject Line – In the subject line, mention the focus of the note.
  • Start with a Salutation – Add a salutation such as “Dear Mr, Miss or Mrs” at the commencement of the letter.
  • Acknowledge with Thankyou – Appreciate the customer with a thank you note at the introductory part of the letter, to show your satisfaction.
  • Mention the Exact Cause of Appreciation – The consumers must know why you are sending a thank you note to them. So, mention the reason after the acknowledgment in the body of the letter.
  • Include the Next Offers or Discounts in the Letter – You can include the seasonal, and festive sale or discounts in the letter to appeal your consumers for the next purchase.
  • Apologize for any Faults – Show your regret, and apologize to your customers for any kind of faults and problems your customer has faced.
  • Add a Welcoming Closure – While ending the letter, invite your customers for further shopping with a welcoming gesticulation.  
  • End with Greeting – Include a closing greeting such as, ‘your sincerely’, ‘warm regards’ etc.
  • Comprise a Signature of the Business/Store Authority – Include the name of the business or store and the full signature of the authority at the end.            

Customer Appreciation Letter Samples

There can be several reasons for writing a consumer appreciation letter. You can use or download the 3 free sample letters written to customers different purposes:

1. Customer Appreciation Letter for Placing order or Purchasing Product

As a vendor or manager of the business, you can appreciate the shopping of the consumers and inform about the latest offers. Copy or download the given sample below for such kind of appreciation letter.

[template icon=”824″ title=”Customer Appreciation Letter – Sample 1″ color1=”#f9f9f9″ color2=”#e9e9e9″ color3=”#44b554″ ]

Jacob Lewis
1001 Mount Eden Road

Date: 04.03.2019

Robert Roosevelt
Customer Relation Officer
ABC Electronics
32 Wilson Street

Subject: Letter of Appreciation for Purchasing LED Television

Dear Mr. Lewis,

We are really pleased that you have chosen ABC Electronics for purchasing an LED television. Thank you for visiting our store and placing the order.

We assure that you will enjoy watching the Panasonic 108 cm (43 inches), HD LED TV with best picture quality and magnificent sound. The LED television has 2 years warranty with free servicing for the first six months. Meanwhile, if you face any problem then you can contact our service center or customer care. We will be glad to help you with any circumstances.

We would also like to inform you about our other discounts for the month of April. You will get 30% off on other electronics at our shop. It will be an honor for us if you choose our offers for your next purchase.

Thank you once again for shopping with ABC Electronics. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Be in touch with us to know about the next offers. For any other information contact us at 333-334-3000 or email us on You can also visit our website –  

Your Sincerely
Robert Roosevelt (Handwritten Signature)
Customer Relation Officer
ABC Electronics
(Signature of the Other Authorities of the Store)


2. Letter of Customer Appreciation for Understanding the Problems

You can write an appreciation letter to your customer for understanding the serious faults or delay done by your store. Review the free sample below to draft such type of note.

[template icon=”824″ title=”Customer Appreciation Letter – Sample 2″ color1=”#f9f9f9″ color2=”#e9e9e9″ color3=”#44b554″ ]

Sophia Williams
233 Greens Street

Date: 4-03-2019

Jonathan Andrews
XYZ Manufacturers & Co.
52 Augustine Street

Subject: Customer Appreciation Letter with Apology

Dear Miss Sophia,

I am earnestly regretting the shipping delay from XYZ Manufacturers & Co. Due to the heavy snowfall, our staffs could not ship your order for a sofa set by today. I truly appreciate your patience and support for our team.

Thank you for understanding the situation and reason for the issue. You will receive your furniture by tomorrow March 12, 2019. Please accept the sincere apology from me on behalf of my team.

I assure you that the same fault will not be repeated in the future. The staffs of RRC Manufacturers also guarantee the best quality of the furniture at our store. Your kind support will always be remembered and appreciated. XYZ Manufacturers will look forward to seeing you again. Call at 433-432-2000 or email us on for more information. You can also place an order via online at   

Warm Regards
Jonathan Andrews (Handwritten Signature)
XYZ Manufacturers & Co.
(Signature of the Authority)


3. Customer Appreciation Letter for Recieving Positive Feedbacks

Customer feedback is one of the important strategies to grow your business. However, consumer feedback can make and break the reputation of the firm or store. So, you can appreciate your customer with a letter of gratitude if you have got positive feedbacks for some specific customers. Copy and Download the given sample below to write a customer appreciation letter.

[template icon=”824″ title=”Customer Appreciation Letter – Sample 3″ color1=”#f9f9f9″ color2=”#e9e9e9″ color3=”#44b554″ ]

Maria Patterson
TR 48D Street

Date: 4-03-2019

Julia Stevenson
Founder of the Shop
Cafely Bakery
48 Russel Street
Santa Marta

Subject: Consumer Appreciation for Positive Feedback

Dear Mrs. Patterson,

The team of Cafely Bakery is glad to get a customer like you who loved our baked dishes such as patties, cakes, pizzas and many other fast foods. I am really thankful to you for your comments and positive reviews regarding our food-quality and services. Your valuable feedbacks have encouraged our staffs; thus, I promise you to bring more variety of foods in the coming days.

My team cordially invite you on the foundation day of the Cafely Bakery on March 8, 2019. It is will be my pleasure if you visit the store with your family on the auspicious foundation ceremony and taste some new food items.

I would like to thank you once again for your valuable reviews and encouraging support. Our team will be glad to see you soon. For home delivery, you can call at 544-677-9000. Visit us at for placing an online order.

Thanking You
Yours Truly
Julia Stevenson (Handwritten Signature)
Cafely Bakery
(Signature of other Authorities)


Customer Appreciation Email Template

You can use an email format to send customer appreciation because in recent era business deals are done via emails and internet. Have a look at the free sample below while writing an email.

[template icon=”727″ title=”Customer Appreciation Email Template” color1=”#a3d9ba” color2=”#ddf8e9″]

Subject Line: Customer Appreciation

Dear Steve Swan,

We are very happy to announce that you have won a Casserole set from ZZZ Gift Store. You are one of the fondest customers since 2012, and we want to appreciate you with a gift set for being our regular consumer and purchasing 80% of products from our gift store. We want to provide you a gift coupon with the casserole set. Please collect your appraisal gift and the coupon on 7th March, 2019.

The efforts of our staffs and support from customers have helped our shop to set the seven years of journey till the date. Thank you for your valuable contribution and assistance. We will look forward to seeing you shortly. To know about the new products, and lucrative offers, visit our website You can also call us at 666-600-6600.

Thanks & Regards
Thomas Stenberg (Handwritten Signature)
ZZZ Gift Store
(Signature of the Authority)


Influence your consumers by writing an appreciation and letter and sending emails to build strong bonding and promote your business in a commercial and intellectual way.

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