Einthusan Alternatives: Free Sites for Streaming Movies & Tv Shows

Einthusan is a great platform where everyone can enjoy an excellent set of Indian movies and TV shows for free. In fact, it is a major source of entertainment for thousands of people globally. This platform is home to more than 4,000 legally licensed content available in many different languages. However, it has accused of having copyrighted content that has forced people to look for Einthusan alternatives.

Although the numbers of sites having free content are pretty high, all of them aren’t safe. Many platforms can cause malware to your system giving access to hackers. If you are looking for sites that allow you to enjoy free Indian movies, this post is all needed to check. We have made a list of the top 10 best Einthusan alternatives where you can enjoy movies and TV shows with full safety. Let’s have a look at the list and visit the one that you like the most.

1. 123movies


123movies is a top free of cost alternative for enjoying premium movie content. It has literally all the content that we usually get on paid platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu, among others. They have content categorized according to genre, country, releasing date, etc.

Its API is created in such an excellent manner that none of the users have difficulty in accessing the site. Additionally, the positive reviews about this platform make it the number one choice of movie lovers.

2. OnlineMoviesGold


As its name suggests, this platform is definitely gold for internet lovers who like to enjoy different movies. It is a top-class alternative allowing the users having content that they like. There is a great variety of South Indian movies and TV series available on this site that consistently update.

A quality feature we can’t miss mentioning is the availability of almost all the contents in good quality. You can easily find the latest movies in HD format for enjoying crystal clear fun.

3. Hindilinks4u


In terms of safety & quality, there are very few Einthusan alternatives that can beat the Hindilinks4u in any manner. It has a top-class mixture of old & latest movies in various languages like Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and even Kannada.

Apart from movies & TV shows, one can even find the latest documentaries and biographies on this platform. It even gives privilege to the users identifying movies by choosing the name of celebrities.

4. Yesmovies.gg


Yesmovies.gg is created for those who prefer to enjoy regional movies without much interruption. You can find movies of more than ten different languages that can be either downloaded or played online according to the requirement.

A unique thing about this site is it lets the users request uploading movies of their choice. Overall, we will say it is a very good alternative for those who can’t access Einthusan due to any reason.

5. LookMovie


Look Movie is a user-friendly platform having an interface almost the same as Einthusan. It has a professional touch that mostly lacks online movie streaming platforms. Here, the users get access to an integrated media player using which content can be enjoyed as per the preferred resolution. It normally ranges between 360p to 1080p for most movies available on the site.

That’s not all, the site even offers subtitles feature in different languages according to availability. On Look Movie, you can even access a few latest OTT content usually releases on HBO and Netflix.

6. YuppFlix


Streaming free movies become very more manageable when you visit a terrific platform like YuppFlix. It allows the users to stream TV series, online movies, and biographies in a solid language set. You can download content without any need to register and to pay any monthly subscription in any way.

It is one of the topmost Einthusan alternatives having a fully streamlined interface for comfortable enjoyment. Also, the users can sort out the movies according to genre, title, etc.

7. BoxTV


BoxTv is a tremendous platform where you can stream almost all the movies listed on the Einthusan site. In addition to Indian movies, there is a great sort of Hollywood content available on this amazing site in the Hindi language. It is a global site allowing users to enjoy small clips of their favorite shows.

The users can access this site’s premium content without paying for any subscription, ensuring wonderful streaming benefits.

8. Putlocker


Putlocker is a very useful site where the users can find their favorite movies by typing in the search box that available on the homepage. The users can even narrow down the search criteria by choosing their preferred genre based on ratings.

While checking this site, you will see it is full of the latest movies that even top paid platforms don’t offer.

9. CMovies


CMovie is another tremendous alternative for users who are unable to access Einthusan due to some reasons. It has a solid amount of movie catalog along with certain TV shows of various genres.

The presence of this massive collection makes sure you have a healthy amount of content to enjoy.

10. Hotstar


We understand Hotstar has a paid subscription system, but its free version also has the right sort of content ranging from TV shows to movies quite easily.

The most exciting part of this platform is it lets the users enjoy all these movies and TV shows without any need to sign up. Also, the quality of videos is very good and always stays up to the mark.

Conclusion: We believe that you have found the ideal replacement for enjoying your favorite movies. These are the perfect Einthusan alternatives that the internet can offer. All the latest Indian movies can be enjoyed by visiting any of these sites. If you have any queries regarding free movie streaming sites, please write in the comment section below.

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