Get to Know You Questions to Ask After Your Marriage

You might have rushed into a marriage. You do not think you know your partner enough. You want to know everything about him or her, find out what she /he likes or dislikes, preferences, decisions, expectations, etc. You can have all your unfinished conversations now that you have eternity to spend together.

Or, you might be someone who has gone on multiple dates before tying the knot. You might have dated more than a decade and you think you have had many conversations to know your partner inside out. But you might be wrong. Marriage could have changed your partner. It is a big impactful event in certain cultures and has known to have a lasting impact. And it doesn’t hurt to have a – “get to know you questions“session even after the big fat wedding to figure out if things have changed. Here we have shared some get to know you questions list inspired by talkality to ask after marriage.

1). How was the wedding?

2). Do you have any questions about my friends or family members who attended the wedding?

3). Were you happy with the flower decoration at our wedding?

4). Were you content with the food and catering services?

5). Would like to rewatch our wedding video?

6). Did you like the ring?

7). Did you like the diamond tiara that I passed down to you from my great grandmother?

8). How was the wedding dance?

9). Do you think we put down a good waltz for our audience?

10). Am I still a good kisser like I was before we married?

11). Are you still happy with me post marriage?

12). I have been told that people change after the wedding, do you see any difference in my behaviour?

13). Do you still love me?

14). Are you happy in this marriage?

15). Do you think the sex is still good as it was before our holy communion?

16). Do you think we have improved as a couple in the way we pleasure each other?

17). Do you think we need to foreplay more?

18). Do you think we need to experiment with our sex positions?

19). Female – Do you still find me young and beautiful?

20). Male – Do you still find me young and dashing?

21). Do you feel, I don’t satisfy your desires the way I would before the marriage?

22). Should we visit a couple’s counsellor and enrol for monthly therapy sessions?

23). Do you think we fight more often these days than we would back in the day?

24). When do you think it is the right time to have our baby?

25). Where would you like to go for our honeymoon? Should we do an international trip or a domestic trip?

26). What was the first tv series you watched after the wedding?

27). What books have you been reading after the wedding? Was there any change in your reading pattern after the grand affair?

28). Should we go for a couple’s spa this weekend?

29). Why don’t we enrol for a pottery class? We can spend some quality time together.

30). Let’s go out to the bar and pretend we are strangers just like we did back when we were dating?

31). Should we throw a huge party to celebrate our anniversary or do you want to strictly keep it to near and dear friends and family?

32). Do you think your colleagues consider you more responsible after marriage?

33). If we take an early retirement from work, where would you want us to settle down /

34). Do you think we should buy a house now that we have adequate savings? You can do the interior decoration the way you want.

35). What is the most memorable date of ours that you can remember?

36). Of all the things that I have gifted you, which one do you think was the most thoughtful?

37). Are we falling out of love?

38). Do you find me as attractive as you would before we tied the knot and settled down?

39). What attributes of mine do you wish our child or children should possess?

40). Do you think we should enrol for a couple sporting activities to stay fit?

41). Have your philosophies changed after marriage?

42). Do you prefer solo trips or trips with me?

43). What is your favourite family tradition that you choose to follow even after our marriage?

44). Do you like joining me in the shower?

45). What is your idea of letting go off steam after we fight?

46). Did your family impose any funny rules while you were growing up?

47). Where would you go for summer camp back when you were a kid? Where would you like to send our child if we have one?

48). Do I snore?

49). Is there anything about me that annoys you after our marriage?

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