How to Impress the Recruiters with Professional Interview Acceptance Letters

Have you received an interview call? You may get a novel opportunity to shine at your career if you get selected in a reputed organization. This is the pleasurable reward of your hard work. However, if you have decided to accept the interview, you should give a confirmation note, with a formal interview acceptance letter to the company. Moreover, you may also ask professional logistic questions in the interview acceptance letter before going for it. Let us assist you to draft an official letter for accepting the interview offer.

What is Interview Acceptance Letter?

The acceptance letter for an interview is written by an interviewee who has received an interview call letter. The job applicant should revert a letter or email with interview acceptance by confirming the call letter. Writing the letter in a professional and gratifying manner may impact a good impression for the candidate.

Remember, an interview acceptance letter is an essential way to show gratitude and interest to the job. Necessary questions can be asked by the interviewee regarding the job if he or she is confused about the job role, location, etc.

When to Send the Interview Acceptance Letter?

Immediately after receiving an interview call letter or email, you should revert a confirmation interview acceptance letter to the enterprise by showing your seriousness towards the job role. Sending a late email or letter may present you as an insincere applicant and show that you are less interested.      

Important Tips to Draft a Letter on Interview Acceptance

While writing an interview acceptance letter, a proper format is needed to be followed. Consider a few suggestions given below:

1. Keep the Letter Short and Simple

Generally, the Human Resource team and recruiter are busy and it is your responsibility to acknowledge the important fact because they don’t have much time to read the entire lengthy letter. Therefore, you need to make it short and precise, including the necessary information. Add the specific subject without stretching the points.

2. Write the Letter in an Exciting Tone

Your interview acceptance letter should reflect an exciting tone to express your utmost interest to give the interview for the specific job role. The letter should convey that you will be glad to be part of the organization if you get selected. Your positive note should display your urge and respect towards the work. So, the recruiter and the management of the enterprise can hire the candidate without thinking much.

3. Show Your Dedication for the Company

Your acceptance letter for the interview should show that you are willing to take new challenges by your hard work and dedication for the specific position. Every company appreciates hard-working people and give an opportunity to the dedicated and responsible persona. Thus, show your will power to do the job in the letter because it may help you get selected.

4. Don’t Write Over-Expressive Lines

Try to avoid grovelling connotations and showing extra gratefulness. Your interview, skills, and resume will define whether you are eligible for the post or not. So, make the letter to-the-point and don’t be over-expressive while writing the interview acceptance letter.

5. Proof-Read the Letter  

While writing a formal letter, proof-read the entire letter correctly before sending it to the organization. Eliminate spelling errors, grammatical glitches in the letter. Use proper sentence constructions, and spell the name and address of the organization correctly. Errors in an official letter may negatively affect your employment in the very beginning and the recruiters may get doubtful with your skills. So, edit the letter properly.

Main Elements of an Interview Acceptance Letter

While writing an interview acceptance letter, the interviewee should add the elements in the draft. The basics of an interview acceptance are:

  • Mention the Address and Date – Start writing the interview acceptance letter by mentioning the interview date, your own address and the address of the organization. 
  • Subject Line – Mention the main focus of the letter in the subject line.
  • Formal Salutation and Greeting – At the beginning of the letter, acknowledge greeting by mentioning, ‘Dear Mr./Mrs.’ or ‘Dear Sir/Ma’am’.
  • Add a Thank You Note – Gratify the hiring manager, HR or the recruiter by starting the letter with a thankful note for the interview call or email.
  • Mention the Email Address and Phone Number- While writing the acceptance letter, always mention your email address and phone number. So, the recruiter can contact you at any time.
  • Confirmation of Details – Reiterate the interview date, time, and job role in the body of the letter for confirmation.
  • Add Closing Salutation – End the letter with a proper closing salutation such as, ‘Sincerely’, ‘Regards’, ‘Yours’, etc.  
  • Include the Signature – Write your full name and include a handwritten signature at the end of the letter.

Interview Acceptance Letter Samples

The following samples of interview acceptance letters will guide you to draw a good impression of the recruiter of the enterprise. Have a look at two different samples of interview letter where the first one denotes a simple letter and the second one is presented with a few sample-queries an interviewee may have in mind.

1. Letter for Accepting the Interview Invitation

You can read the free sample of the interview acceptance letter given below or download it.

[template icon=”824″ title=”Interview Acceptance Letter – Sample 1″ color1=”#f9f9f9″ color2=”#e9e9e9″ color3=”#44b554″ ]

Robert Wilson
312 Doctors Drive Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone Number: 320-311-3877

Feb 26, 2019

Mr Thomas Smith
Manager of Human Resource Department
Acme Corporation
2033 Hillhaven Drive Street

Subject: Acceptance of Interview Offer

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am honored to receive an interview call by the HR department of Acme Corporation for the position of Accountant. I will be gratified if I get the opportunity to work with your company. I would like to contribute my excellence and skills to the accounts team in the prestigious firm with hard work and dedication if you select me. I believe my experience and skills in accounting will become fruitful for the enterprise.

I assure you to be present on March 1, 2019, at 11 am as per our telephonic discussion. I will bring the hard copy of my resume and academic certificates while appearing for the interview. Please let me know if I can provide you with further information prior to the interview.

You can reach me via email or call me on 320-311-3877 if required, as I will always be available for any assistance. Thank you once again for calling me for the interview.

Robert Wilson
(Handwritten Signature and Date)


2. Interview Acceptance Letter with Queries

An interviewee may have some doubts regarding the job. So, this particular letter will assist the applicant in writing an interview acceptance letter with queries.

[template icon=”824″ title=”Interview Acceptance Letter – Sample 2″ color1=”#f9f9f9″ color2=”#e9e9e9″ color3=”#44b554″ ]

Jack Brown
500 Kingston Road
Toronto, M4C1B5
Phone Number: 1-604-555-5555

Feb 28, 2019

Mr Kenneth Heyward
Manager of Human Resource Department
Endocarp Pvt Ltd
1077 De Lorimar Rue Street, QC, J4K3M9

Subject: Interview Confirmation

Dear Sir,

I received an interview call from the Human Resource Department for the position of Senior Sales Manager. Thank you for selecting my resume and sending me a call letter, but I am a bit confused with a couple of queries such as location and additional documents to be carried for the interview. Can you please clear my confusion by sending me the landmark with your office address? Also, kindly let me know what more I have to carry along with the educational certificates and resume.

I am supposed to come on March 3, 2019, for the interview at 10 am as per discussion. It will be my pleasure if I get the opportunity to work with such a renowned organization. I hope the best that I will get selected for the position. I believe that my 5 years’ experience in the field of sales makes me an ideal candidate for the position.

It is my earnest request to you, please clear my queries before I appear for the interview. I will wait for your response.

You can reach me via email or call me on 1-604-555-5555.

Jack Brown
(Handwritten Signature and Date)


Interview Acceptance Email Sample

Nowadays, the internet is the media of conversation. So, while sending an email to the HR or employer with a revert to the interview call letter. The email is similar to the letter but it is not totally identical because emails are bit informal and shorter than letters. Review the free interview acceptance email sample.

[template icon=”727″ title=”Interview Acceptance Email Template” color1=”#a3d9ba” color2=”#ddf8e9″]

Subject Line: Accepting the Interview Offer

Dear Mr. Jones

It has been a nice experience to talk with you on phone. I am privileged and thankful to get an interview call from you for the post of Digital Marketing Manager. I acknowledge the call letter and confirm my presence for the interview on March 5, 2019, at 10.30 am.

It will be my honor to work with PBC Group, one of the most prestigious firms in Leicester. I assure you to show my digital marketing skills with hard work if I get selected for the job role. I will be on time on the scheduled date with my documents.

You can call me at 444-444-444 or email me for further assistance.

Thanking and Regards
Maria Miller


An interview acceptance letter can be the fundament to impress the recruiter of the organization. So, make the impression professional and positive. If you implement the guidelines and format properly, you can write the best official letter for interview acceptance. Also, you can skip the hassle of writing a letter by yourself by copying the above- mentioned samples.



  • First impression is important, so write the letter in a positive way.
  • Try to avoid emotions, abbreviations, and images in the letter.
  • Follow business letter format and guidelines.
  • Mention your name and address correctly.
  • Show your eagerness for the job.


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