How to Accept a Job Offer – Create Best Impression with Your Job Acceptance Letter

Have you just been offered a new job? It’s must be exciting to get the job you’ve worked so hard for! But don’t forget about your response to the offer amidst the excitement. If you’ve decided to accept the job offer, you should always accept it formally and in a professional manner. A job acceptance letter is similarly important to the interview you have given. So, if you don’t know how to accept a job offer, let us help you with all the hacks of accepting a job offer.

What is a Job Acceptance Letter?

A job offer acceptance letter is written by an individual to an organization or company which has offered the person a job. After the employment acceptance letter written by the organization to an individual, the person sends back a letter, accepting the job offer. The letter reflects your professionalism and gratitude towards the organization which creates a good impression for you. Moreover, you can ensure that there’s no confusion regarding the job’s terms such as remuneration, benefits, leaves, probation period, etc. It’s a way of showing your gratitude as well as zeal for the job.

How to Accept a Job Offer

There are a few tricks to be followed in a job offer acceptance letter. Whether it’s about writing style or format, you need to take care of all these. We are here with the solutions to each and every aspect of a job acceptance letter. After going through this article, you would never go through the query – how to accept a job offer!

Actionable Advice for Job Acceptance Letter Writing

When it comes to an important aspect like writing job acceptance letter, there are a few pieces of advice that you need to take into consideration.

Use a Happy Tone

The letter should reflect a happy tone in order to express the fact that you are extremely happy to get the job offer. Moreover, the letter should also convey that you are responsible and proud. All these make the organization feel that their decision of hiring you is correct.

Convey Your Sense of Responsibility

An organization always adores the responsible personnel. And your job offer acceptance letter should convey that you are willing to work hard and accept the significant responsibilities for the job. This sense of responsibility will be appreciated by the organization.

Keep It Short and Simple

The employer is busy and you need to acknowledge this fact. They don’t have a whole hour to read and assess your letter. So, while incorporating all the crucial information in the letter, you also need to keep in mind that the letter should be short. Don’t stretch any point. Be specific and to-the-point.

Show Your Gratitude

When an organization or company offers you a job and hires you for a particular position, you should be thankful to them. Express your gratitude for the new opportunity provided by them. You may explain why you are especially excited for working with the company and what you may contribute to the betterment of the company. Keep the whole thing short and specific.

Don’t be Over-Expressive

You need to remember that you should not be over-expressive while expressing your gratitude as it may look like oiling! Stay impressive, firm, and concise. Your works will define your future but your words should leave your readers in amazement.

Edit the Letter

We assume that you have finished the letter with ease. Now, we don’t think you want to give any reason to the employer to cancel the employment at the last minute. So, you should always put your focus on the editing part to eliminate the errors (if any).

Check the grammatical errors, spelling errors, sentence structures, and every other aspect. Also, check the spelling of the organization’s name and the addressed person’s name.

Essential Elements of a Job Acceptance Letter

Accepting a job offer is tricky because this is your first chance of creating a good impression for yourself. Thus, there are a few components you need to put in your job offer acceptance letter. It should be short and precise but include the following points:

  • Thanksgiving for the opportunity.
  • A precise mention of your acceptance in written format.
  • Mention of the employment’s terms and conditions (vacation, leaves, designation, salary, etc.)
  • The date of joining the organization or company.

Some Serious Considerations for a Job Acceptance Letter

If you’re confused how to accept a job offer (whether by email or mail), let us assure you that the acceptance letter of a job offer can either be sent via email or by mail. However, a few aspects are there that are needed to be followed for both the medium.

For Sending Hard Copy of the Letter by Mail

  • In case, you’re sending the hard copy of the acceptance letter by mail, make sure that you’ve formatted the letter as per the business letter formatting guidelines.
  • Include your contact info in the letter even if they’re already there on the employer’s desk.

For Sending the Letter by Email

  • If you’re sending the job acceptance letter by email, make sure you are mentioning your full name on the subject line followed by the statement that you are accepting the job offer. For example, “Full Name” – Job Offer Acceptance. This way, your message will be noticed amidst the thousands of daily emails.

[note icon=”725″ color=”#f4eaf9″ title=”Note”] Regardless of your medium, make sure that you are addressing the individual who offered you the job. This is a warm gesture and brings you to the good books. [/note]

Sample Job Acceptance Letter with Downloadable Word Document

Below is the sample job offer acceptance letter you may use for accepting your job offer. The letter is immensely simple, formal, and precise. We have crafted the letter with a sole purpose – it impresses your new management. So, download the letter or simply copy from the text.

[template icon=”824″ title=”Sample Job Acceptance Letter” download_id=”746″ download_img_ig=”938″ download_title=”Download Job Acceptance Letter Word Template ” download_icon_id=”825″ download_label=”Download Now” color1=”#f9f9f9″ color2=”#e9e9e9″ color3=”#44b554″ ]

Juanita D. Jackson
127 Libby Street
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(909) 555-5555

Dec 30, 2018

Mr. Christopher Gibson
Manager of Human Resource Department
CollabMetrix Solutions
3582 Happy Hollow Road
Wilmington, NC 28405

Dear Mr. Gibson,
As per the discussion on the date of the interview, I feel delighted to accept the position of Senior Marketing Manager with CollabMetrix Solutions. I would like to thank you again for the job offer and opportunity your company has provided me with. I am pretty optimistic about contributing to the company with all my experience and excellence. Also, I am looking forward to working with the CollabMetrix team.

As per the discussion, my remuneration will be $36,000 and I will be provided with the life insurance, health insurance, and monthly vacation benefits which will be applicable after serving the 90 days of probation period.

I am looking forward to joining your company on Feb 1, 2019. If any additional formalities are required in terms of paperwork or you require any information, please let me know. I will be happy to assist you under any circumstances.

Once again, I would like to thank you.

Handwritten Signature (hard copy letter)
Juanita D. Jackson


Job Acceptance Email Template Sample

In most cases, you would require emailing the employer of your acceptance of the job offered to you. The emails are similar to the letter but not fully identical. Thus, we are providing the free job acceptance email sample.

[template icon=”824″ title=”Sample Job Acceptance Email Template” color1=”#f9f9f9″ color2=”#e9e9e9″ color3=”#bd82cc” ]

Subject line: Juanita D. Jackson – Accepting the Job Offer

Dear Mr. Gibson,
It has been a wonderful experience on the interview and speaking with you at the day. I am privileged to be hired by your company for the position of Senior Marketing Manager. I am excited to get this offer and look forward to joining your company and contributing to the marketing team with my excellence and know-how. I will be focused on creating a better solution-driven marketing strategy.

As per the discussion, my joining date will be Feb 1, 2019, and the annual remuneration will be $36,000. Also, there will be 3 monthly leaves for me as per the discussion. I will be serving three months of probation period in the company where I will be provided with health insurance and life insurance (which will be effective from my joining date) according to the discussion I had on the date of interview.

I am expecting to see you on Feb 1, 2019 i.e. Friday. If any additional paperwork is required prior to my joining date or any additional documentation is needed to be carried on the date of joining, you can inform me.

You can reach me via email or you can call me on 999-999-9999 if that’s required. I will always be available for any assistance.

I’m always available on email, but feel free to call if that’s more convenient (555-555-5555).

I would like to thank you one more time for the wonderful opportunity.

Thanking and Regards,


A job acceptance letter is the fundament of your impression on an organization or company. You need to make your first impression right as a professional. Are you still confused about how to accept a job offer? We don’t think so! If you implement each and everything written in this guide, you’re going to craft an immensely impactful job offer acceptance letter.



  • Show gratitude throughout the letter.
  • For the hard copy of job acceptance letter, follow business letter formatting guidelines.
  • Always include your contact information.
  • For accepting a job offer via email, mention your name followed by “Job Offer Acceptance.”


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