Formal Job Announcement Letter to Get the Best Candidates Onboard

Is there any job opening at your organization? If yes, then sending a job announcement letter is the best way to inform the candidates, recruiting consultancies, college campuses and employment portals that you are giving opportunities to the proficient employees for different job roles at your company.

What is the Job Announcement Letter?

The job announcement letters are written either by the Human Resource team or by the department manager of the company to announce the news of the employment for a specific vacancy in the organization.

The letter of job recruitment is quite different from the public job advertisement or notifications. These letters are relatively formal and defined with the particular job role and responsibilities of the employee. The goal of this employment notice is to solicit the interest of the potential interviewees, recruitment departments, and the university precincts.           

Tips Write Job Announcement Letter

While writing a job announcement letter, the HR manager and the team leader of the department should include some basic points which are necessary. Consider these essentials while drafting a letter:

1. Give Introduction about the Organization and the Job Positions

When you are writing a job announcement letter, always start with the introduction of your company. Give a petite description of the organization and mention details about the jobs you are offering to the eligible candidate. Promote the work culture of the enterprise to implore the interest of the job applicant.

2. Be Concise but Descriptive

You may be perplexed, how to write a short letter in a descriptive way, but it is possible. Just mention the important points in the body of the letter precisely and describe all the essential things related to the job announcement.

3. Mention the Responsibilities of the Employee

Describe the future roles and responsibilities of the entitled candidate for the particular job in details. So, the employee doesn’t get confused with the tasks and duties after getting employment.

4. Define the Required Skills and Qualification of the Deserved Candidate

Always mention the required qualification and specific skills of the proficient candidate for the respective job roles. Clarity about the obligatory criteria is necessary to be provided in the employment announcement letter.

5. Describe the Job Application Procedure

In the job recruitment letter, mention the process to apply for the job in the company. Ask the interviewees to carry the necessary documents like a resume, academic certificates, ID credentials, letter of recommendation and passport size photos if required for interview. You can also mention, whom to meet at the office while applying for the interview.

6. Salary and Benefits

Generally, companies don’t mention the remuneration for a particular job role. However, mentioning the salary and benefits of the organization can appeal to good candidate. You can also write that there is no salary bar for the right candidate, but other benefits of the employment should be mentioned in the announcement note.

7. Provide Contact Details and Location

Finalize the job announcement letter by mentioning the exact address with landmark and also provide the contact details. The details, as well as the address, will help the candidate connect to the HR department for the information related to the job role and the location.

What are the Best Timings to Send a Job Announcement Letter

If you want to hire an eligible candidate for the vacant position of your company, send a job announcement letter to the recruitment consultancies or to the job portals, just after the vacancy of the specific job. You can also send the job recruitment notifications to the college campuses when the internship and placement are announced from different universities.

Structure of a Job Announcement Letter

Every official letter has a specific format and style to draft. You need to follow the proper rules to format a job announcement letter.

1. The header of the Job Announcement Letter

  • Mention the recipient’s name and address.
  • Write the date of the announcement.
  • Mention the name and address of the sender.

2. Subject Line of the Letter

  • Write the main fact of the letter in the subject line.

     Note: The subject should be concise and clear about the job.

3. The body of the First Paragraph

  • Add salutation before the name of the recipient (job seeker) or the receiving department (recruitment consultancies) while beginning the letter.
  • Introduce the organization and the job position for which you are hiring staffs.

4. Second Paragraph

  • Focus on the job announcement by describing the responsibilities of the entitled candidate.
  • Mention the required qualifications and skills for the job position.

5. Third Paragraph

  • Describe the salary and benefits of the job.
  • Guide the procedure to apply for the specific position.
  • Provide the address and contact details of the office.

6. Closure

  • Request the recruitment department or college campuses for finding the right candidate.
  • End the letter with a greeting.
  • Include the signature of the HR manager and authority of the organization.

Job Announcement Letter Templates

Follow the correct format to announce the job recruitment, and find the best candidate onboard. These free samples of the job announcement letter can be copied or downloaded for your use.

Two sample letters have mentioned here. The first job announcement letter is addressed to the recruitment consultancy and the second one is addressed to the university campaign.

1. Job Announcement Letter Addressing a Recruitment Consultancy

[template icon=”824″ title=”Job Announcement Letter – Sample 1″ color1=”#f9f9f9″ color2=”#e9e9e9″ color3=”#44b554″ ]

Thomas Williams
Recruitment Officer
XYY Recruitment Consultancy
114 Greige Street

Date: 5.03.2019

Susan Jones
HR Manager
FZC Technology Solutions
74 Welly Street, Albert Electronic Complex – 1st Floor

Subject: Job Announcement Letter for the Post of Graphic Designer

Dear Mr. Thomas Williams,

FZC Technology Solutions announces a job opening for the post of Graphic Designer. Our organization is a registered company from 2016, and we are successful to fulfill the commitments and deadlines with our foreign and local clients.

Recently, we are looking for 2 years experienced Graphic Designer for our company.  The candidate should be expert in checking the dynamism of the website, creating layouts and images with software, illustrating, and designing graphics for brochures, websites, advertisement, and corporate reports. A Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Designing is preferred for the senior position.

We will disclose the remuneration during the interview, but there is no salary par for the deserved candidate. The selected applicant will get incentives and PPF along with the salary. The candidate can contact us at 555-555-555 or visit our official website – Our office address is mentioned on the website. The applicant must bring his/her resume, documents of the existing company, academic certificate and ID proofs while coming for the interview.

Please share the job recruitment announcement to the candidates who are looking for the job. It will be an honor for us if you help our company find the right employee for the job position of Graphics Designer.

Thanking you
Susan Jones (Handwritten Signature)
HR Manager
FZC Technology Solutions
(Full Signature of the Authority)


2. Letter of Job Announcement to University Placement Officer

[template icon=”824″ title=”Job Announcement Letter – Sample 2″ color1=”#f9f9f9″ color2=”#e9e9e9″ color3=”#44b554″ ]

Kathy Swan
Internship Placement Officer
Henry Techno University
99 Augustine Street
Los Angeles

Date: 5.03.2019

George Andrews
HR Manager
XY Enterprises
422 Leopard Street, Red Pillar Apartment – 7th Floor

Subject: Announcement for the Job Position of Junior Software Engineer

Dear Kathy Swan,

Recently, we came to know about your college internship for the BTech final year batch in April 2019. We would like to announce our job opening for the post of Junior Software Engineer at XY Enterprises. Our company is one of the largest brands in California. We have selected the best technologies and software for different operations of our firm. We are dedicated to both in-house and outsourcing business related to software invention. So, we are hiring a software engineer who can help us with such innovation.

Our walk-in process along with the tie-up placement from your college is arranged from 12th March to 5th April 2019. We are finding a fresher for the position who has scored 90% in his or her BTech degree. The candidate should be responsible for developing plans, making calculations for various elements in engineering projects, and researching innovative software.

The remuneration package will be disclosed during the interview along with other benefits and allowances. You can send your college candidates for the interview on the mentioned date from 10 am to 5 pm. You can share our contact number 222-222-222 and official website address – with the applicants. The address and other contact details are mentioned on our website. Inform the candidates to carry their academic certificates, ID credentials, passport photo and curriculum vitae to the mentioned address.

We would be glad if you help us find a deserving candidate for our organization. We will provide training after the selection. Looking forward to your reply and support.

Thank You
George Andrews (Hand Written Signature)
HR Manager
XY Enterprises
(Full Signature of the Authority)


Job Announcement Email Template

You should not follow the format of the letter while writing an email because the job announcement email should give specific details. You can also attach the necessary induction documents of the company with the email if required. This email template can be used to directly address job seekers.

[template icon=”727″ title=”Job Announcement Email Template” color1=”#a3d9ba” color2=”#ddf8e9″]

Subject Line: Job Announcement for the Post of Sales Manager

Hello Miss Lily Jones,

KKK Corporations, certified since 2015, is currently looking for an experienced Sales Manager. The company is running the long-run business related to outsourcing sales project.

We are hiring a Sales Manager who is Graduated from a reputed university. The job applicant should be proficient with more than 5 years of job experience in sales with expert ideas on sales target. His/her responsibilities will be to plan and implement strategies in sales, lead the sales team, manage the customer relationship. Preferred candidate for this position should also have a proper communication and writing skills.

If you think you are suitable to the position considering the above-mentioned criteria, you are requested to send your CV and scanned academic credentials through the career page on our website or you can email us as well with the documents. If your resume gets shortlisted then we will call you for the interview.

For more information, you can call us at 626-626-622 or visit our official website i.e. Please feel free to contact the HR department on the working hours.

Warm Regards
Richard Patterson
HR Director
KKK Corporations
(Digital Signature of the Authority)


Notify the recruitment consultancies, job portals and the employment applicants with an official job announcement letter and email by following the above-mentioned points. These sample letters will help you announce the job vacancies in the most professional manner, and find a suitable candidate for your organization from different employment portals.



  • Maintain a professional language while writing a job announcement letter.
  • Write in an informative way.
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors in the recruitment letter to evade negative impression to the applicants.
  • Guide the interviewee properly in the letter.
  • Explain everything clearly to avoid confusion.


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