How to Start A Premium Snapchat?

Looking to create a premium Snapchat to earn money from this social media platform? Most people think there is a system to create the premium version, but it isn’t as simple as considered. The premium part is the one where you can charge money from others to get added. However, the application is the same as basic Snapchat except that people have to pay for checking your stories.

This lucrative feature has caused discussion about “how to start a premium Snapchat” to begin earning using this app. Social media celebrities mostly use this version for posting 18 plus adult content, but you are free to post whatever you like.

What Is the Right Way to Build a Premium Snapchat Account?

As we have already mentioned, it is a normal Snapchat account that allows users to keep their accounts private for only letting few individuals see the content. You can find thousands of erotic models who use their accounts for earning money. Here, the individuals pay for accessing content by paying a certain amount. That’s why; we will say it is a private account rather than just a premium Snapchat.

One important thing you need here is a third party app for receiving payments that people pay for accessing your content. Normally, the premium Snapchat is either charged as lifetime access or subscription-based charged monthly or yearly.

Steps to Create a Premium Snapchat

The foremost and most obvious step to perform is downloading Snapchat on your phone. It is available in both iPhone and Android versions for extra convenience.

  • Create a username that looks attractive for the users so that someone easily books the premium account. An ordinary name doesn’t interest the users as much as a catchy account can.
  • Now, there is a need to look at your profile settings where you have to change it to “friends only” that make sure the public can’t see your content.
  • Once you changed the settings, there is a need to sign up to a third-party Snapchat network to get the payments.
  • The following thing you need to do is set a charge limit for getting the premium content posted on the account. The rates vary from profile to profile as per the requirement.
  • Advertise the premium account in different places to get the possible viewers for the profile.
  • Once the above steps get completed, we hope you will soon make a handy amount of earnings.

What Are the Top Sites for Networking Your Premium Snapchat Account?

Although almost all the Snapchat networking platforms offer similar services, very few provide a slight edge to the users. We have mentioned them in detail below:

Erotifix: The most useful platform to become famous as a Snapchat celebrity is Erotifix, thanks to weekly payout & quick sign up. The models get the liberty to select the membership length ranging from a week to lifetime access. Additionally, they have quite a good referral system letting the models earn a healthy amount of money by recommending others.

Justforfans: This platform has recently grown to new levels, especially among Snapchat users. Here, the models get the liberty to set their particular rates for texting, calling, or accessing photos. The biggest benefit is they pay models every Wednesday using various payment systems.

Teddysgirls: The next one is a great platform specially created for Snapchat girls who want people to access their gorgeous bodies by paying a certain amount. There is a standard subscription that clients need to pay for enjoying services. This platform also offers a choice for the models to interact with their clients if they want.

FanCentro: You can find thousands of professional girls advertising their private Snapchat account on FanCentro. Selecting this platform make sure the users have access to a straightforward portal. It comes with a plethora of tools for monetizing the content on different social media platforms.

How Much Can an Average Model Make From Snapchat Premium?

If we ask about Snapchat earning, then we will say the sky is your limit. The users can make endless money depending on the number of subscribers they have. The better number you have, the more monthly or weekly payout will be.

Also, it depends on the quality that models present for keeping the users subscribed. There will always be a need to present solid dedication if someone wants to make huge chunks of money from Snapchat.

Snapchat Premium- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are posting explicit content accepted on Snapchat?

Although it is against the policies, still almost everyone is doing it nowadays to earn money. However, it can result in termination of account for TOS violations. That’s why most Snapchat celebrities create an extra promotional account that should be kept separate from premium one.

Q. Are cam shows allowed on Snapchat?

Yes, the users can give cam show to their premium clients using the video call feature. The client gets a full view of what you are doing on the special cam show with ease.

Q. What types of subscriptions premium account can offer?

The users can either provide lifetime access or subscription-based access to their clients. If we talk about subscription-based, it can be weekly, monthly, or even yearly as per clients’ needs.

Q. Do we need to pay taxes from money earned through Snapchat premium?

Yes, the money you earned from the premium is taxable. However, most users avoid it by using platforms like PayPal.


We strongly believe this post has answered all your questions regarding “how to start a premium Snapchat” from scratch. No matter, you are just a cam model looking to attain extra popularity or a student looking to pay a tuition fee, a Premium Snapchat can be useful for sure. Apart from that, there are a plethora of reasons for getting this account type ranging from getting famous to feeling confident.

Without any doubt, it is a golden duck that can give you weekly eggs if used in the right manner. Do you still have questions regarding Snapchat Premium? Write them in the comment section.

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