How to Write Promotion Announcement Letters – Finest Tips with Free Samples

Have a skilled employee in your team? Does he/she deserve a promotion? If yes, then a promotion announcement letter is something you need the most.

A company or an organization promotes an employee to recognize his/her good work, excellence, and responsibilities in a company. Promotion, in a nutshell, is a reward for adding value to a company. It is often associated with a hike in remuneration and responsibilities. Depending on the company and position, the announcement of the promotion varies!

Either the news of promotion is announced in a team meeting (especially, in the small companies) or the news is sent via email (where the number of employees is huge). Whatever the way of conveying the news of promotion, a promotion announcement letter will be mandatory at some stage. So, you should know all the hacks of announcement letter of promotion.

When it comes to the promotion, team members, supervisors, and team leads are a few people who would be the most affected by the promotion. Thus, informing those people prior to the official announcement to the whole organization would help them get prepared and support the whole process for a smooth transition.

Now, a news may get published on the company’s official website or there can be a press release related to the promotion depending on the company and the position offered.

How to Write Promotion Announcement Letter?

Since the promotion announcement letter is a written acknowledgement of an employees work and excellence, it needs to be crafted in a manner that makes the recipient feel the same! Considering its importance, the letter is usually written by the member of management or the Human Resource Department.

On the other hand, the announcement letter of an employee’s promotion should consist of the details of the promotion such as the roles and responsibilities of the promoted designation, the increase in the remuneration, etc. Moreover, the letter should contain words that appreciate the employee’s work and excellence. On top of that, you should always encourage the individual to do well in the future and to contribute more in your company.

Most Essential Elements of Promotion Announcement Letters

When you’re writing a promotion announcing letter, there are certain responsibilities you carry with you. Since you are representing your company or organization, there should never be any mistakes or unprofessionalism from your end. Thus, we are going to explain some essential elements of a promotion announcing letter which will help you write your letter in the best way possible.

Congratulate and Appreciate the Employee

An appreciation and congratulation are always a warm reception. Moreover, the promoted individual would always feel utmost delighted to see such words of appreciation from the management itself! An organization always grows for the contribution of the employees. And when you congratulate the employee or appreciate him/her on the promotion, it’s a sheer privilege to hear something so warm from the management itself!

Explain the Promotion

When you are writing a promotion announcement letter, you should always cover all the points which are required for explaining the management’s decision of promoting the particular employee. The letter should also consist of the details of how the management is looking forward to supporting the employee in the newly promoted position.

Mention the Old and New Job Role

While writing the announcement letter of promotion, mention a brief about the employee’s old and current job role. Furthermore, you may go ahead and mention the pertinent accomplishments during their occupation with the company. Basically, you are describing the employee’s history to validate the promotion. If multiple promotions are being announced, this individual storytelling and validation is particularly important.

Mention Some Background Information

Employees’ background information such as their educational experience or certification or extracurricular talent should be mentioned on the letter to add some weigh to the decision of promoting the employee. In this way, the other employees will be induced to welcome the decision and the promoted employee will feel honored.

Encourage for The Future

It’s important to let your employees know that their company thinks and feels about them as well as wish for their future. Thus, your promotion announcement letter should contain a few words of encouragement for their future endeavors. When you do that, it’s not only shows your care but it makes your company highly professional.

Now that you have got the idea of the promotion announcement letters and the hacks to write a letter, it’s time that you get into an example for better clarification.

Free Templates and Samples for Promotion Announcement Letter and Email

In this section, you can discover the sample letters written by our expert letter writers. These letter templates can give you a real-life idea of how a letter is actually written. You can take these references and create a letter for you.

Sample Promotion Announcing Letter Template

This is the letter sample for the promotion announcement. You can simply copy the letter, paste it and start your editorial job! Or else, you can download the same letter in word format that has been provided by us.

[template icon=”824″ title=”Sample Promotion Announcement Letter” download_id=”772″ download_img_ig=”947″ download_title=”Download Promotion Announcement Letter Word Template ” download_icon_id=”825″ download_label=”Download Now” color1=”#f9f9f9″ color2=”#e9e9e9″ color3=”#44b554″ ]

Ms. Catherine Lester
Area Sales Manager
Nexfloat Inc.

Date: 02.01.2019

Dawn Allen
Human Resources
Nexfloat Inc.

Subject: Promotion Letter

Dear Ms. Lester,
This letter is being written in response to the request for promotion submitted in the previous month. The application of promotion was submitted by your department head on your behalf considering your brilliant performance and work morals.

I am feeling delighted to inform you that you are going to be promoted from your position of Area Sales Manager to the designation of Area Marketing Manager from Feb 1 2019. Along with the new position, the management has also come to a decision of increasing your current annual remuneration by 20%.

Again, I would like to congratulate you on your wonderful performance and promotion as a result. The management feels that you will keep up your good works and maintain your flawless standard in our company. The management always cherishes and values an employee like you. And thus, we always hope that you will do better in the future and excel your career and our company.

With Regards,
Dawn Allen


Sample Promotion Announcing Email

This is the email sample for the promotion announcement. Since promotion is entirely related to the business, it’s quite certain that the promotion announcements will more often be conveyed through the emails. Thus, we have nurtured a promotion announcement email for you.

[template icon=”727″ title=”Promotion Announcement Email Template” color1=”#a3d9ba” color2=”#ddf8e9″]

Subject Line: Promoting Catherine Lester to Area Marketing Manager

Hello Ms. Lester,
We are feeling delighted to announce that Ms. Catherine Lester is promoted from the position of Area Sales Manager to the Area Marketing Manager at Nexfloat Inc. The promotion will be effective from Feb 1 2019. It has been a great journey with you throughout these 5 years of employment.

You have been remarkable in your current position and that is the reason why your department head has referred your name for the promotion. You have played key roles in several crucial company dealings and has been one of the pillars for the company’s achievements.

Along with the designation, your annual remuneration will also be increased by 20% from the current annual remuneration. The management is excited about your promotion and new role in the company and we are hopeful that you will excel in your new role as well.

Best regards,

Dawn Allen
Human Resource Manager, Nexfloat Inc.


An announcement letter is always a vital aspect of an organization or company. And the promotion announcement letters are the letters that convey an important decision of an organization to the employees. In order to create a trust factor for you, you should always create the announcing letters error-free, well-crafted, and properly formatted.

We believe we have been able to cater you all the information and tips required for a great letter of promotion announcement. You can avail the tips or take reference from the promotion announcement letter samples to create the finest letter for your employees.



  • Use a comprehensible and formal language throughout the letter.
  • The letter should be short and specific.
  • Add proper salutation in the beginning and at the closing.
  • Correct poor sentence structures, spelling errors, typos, punctuations, etc.
  • Use a positive and happy tone throughout the letter.


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