Top 7 Free Stock Photos Sites

However, there are talented photographers around the globe who allow others to use their photos for free. The thing is to know about the places where one can find these images. Most people don’t know that there are many wonderful sites with stock photos that can be used without copyright issues.

In this post, we have collected the name of the top 7 amazing sites with free stock photos after extended research & testing. Let’s begin the ride now to find out the one that works best for you.

1) Unsplash

The top pick is this well-curated site with the name Unsplash with gorgeous pictures from all types of photographers. This platform is available on both the mobile app and website versions. The users can enjoy images of top quality consistently by visiting this site.

There are enough tools present for streamlining the search process when finding pictures. The collection of photographers available here is very well crafted and helps in making the design better.

You are even allowed to create your collection after signing up for an account on this site. Overall, we will say this site has everything required for completing a project.

2) Pexels

If someone looks for the best free public domain stock photos on the internet, then the name of Pexels will surely come on the top. It is created in such a way that anyone can upload photos to this site, but only the best shots are featured in the searchable collection.

Its quality interface makes sure searching for something specific becomes convenient by sorting emotions, locations, past times, etc. It is a pretty wonderful choice for web designers looking to create attractive sites.

Another thing that visitors like about this site is its phenomenal space photography. Additionally, it has a very easy-to-use interface for making things convenient.

3) Pixabay

This one is an exceptional stock photo site that gives access to thousands of photos for free. It is based on German technology using a rich catalogue for proper and convenient downloading. It is a pro and neat site, even having a dedicated free video version for a precise look.

There are tons of add-ons and a photoshop plugin for making sure the users get something extra on this site. We will say it is a terrific platform whose developers have done a fine job creating this site.

It is one of the best sites with free stock photos that a top company Canva acquired this platform in May 2019.

4) Reshot

The fourth position is accommodated by Reshot that comes with a massive collection of handpicked free stock photos. While checking this site, we found that it was made especially for startups and website developers. It is completely free for commercial use without any attribution.

They have curated their catalog from a terrific community of photographers that make the selection rich. It has a creative commons public domain license that doesn’t have any copyright restrictions.

This site is a terrific option for printing and artistic projects to make things colorful. There are very limited numbers of users who have said something bad about this photo stock platform.

5) Pixahive

Pixahive is a wonderful site having public domain images created with the Creative Commons interface. Visiting this platform will let you use enhance images for different purposes free from any restrictions. It is created to help the photographers creating an impressive portfolio.

It is created by a dedicated team of professionals who want to make photography easier for users. You won’t have to pay a single penny for accessing the photos available on this impressive site.

There are various categories made on this site to ensure the users get their favorite photos easily with minimal effort. It looks like the creators of this site have tried to help modern Indian photographers.

6) Foodies Feed

If you are a crazy food blogger, it is 100% guaranteed to love the Foodies Feed. It is an optimistic platform having thousands of gorgeous free food pictures in high quality. This top-quality stock photo site comes with excellent photos that can be used for both commercial and personal projects.

All the pictures available on this platform are clicked mostly by professional photographers that ensure quality at its finest. There is a wide range of high-resolution food photos uploaded every day on this site. It makes sure the visitors always get access to something whenever they visit this site.

All the photos available on Foodies Feed are under Creative Commons CCO proving its quality stay at best. The selection of photography is very impressive and alluring to see for any photographer and designer.

7) Negative Space

Negative Space is a UK-based platform having a rich collection of British scenes that can hardly be found anywhere. It has impressive stock photos available in a very rich resolution of at least 640 X 480 pixels.

It is created mainly for professional photographers looking to share their creativity with the other community members. A great thing about this site is it refreshes the content quite regularly.

Most young college students in the United Kingdom use this platform for their projects. If someone wants to enjoy stunning photography, visiting this platform is a perfect option to do.

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