Who Is Shammi Parsad and Why He Is Famous?

Shammi Prashad is a famous personality on digital media. He was on Feb 1, 1993, in Brisbane, Australia. His social media handle is “Shammi” and known for his pranks and social experiments. His Facebook videos have gone viral a number of times. He carries a fanbase of around 5 million people on his Facebook account. On several occasions, he worked on various video projects with his mate Jackson Odoherty. His first video was shared in Feb 2014 on his Facebook page. It was about the feeling and sensation before the payday.

Popular bio lists him as one of the rising Facebook stars on digital media. His birth year is 1993, and he has been included in the list of famous persons born in that year.  One of Shammi’s siblings, Jayden Prasad, plays football for the Australian team. This Australian Facebook celebrity is one of the wealthiest people on social sites.

Shammi Prashad Carrer beginning to get famed on YouTube

Shammi actually started to create and develop content for social media in 2014. He posted a video of himself scuba diving from the balcony of a 50 storey hotel Meriton, Southport. Next, he posted a video on Instagram of a guy being blasted to the earth from a great height and breaking his fall with a parachute.

Additionally, he is well-known for his involvement in the Melbourne Cup hoax. As the Melbourne Cup is the most prestigious horse race in Australia which take place every year and is loved by horse racing fans. To the surprise of the audience, he shut off the ongoing projector and raised his hand to be won. The enraged audience attempted to physically harm him. But thanks to the security he was able to escape from there. Later Queensland Police interrogated him and he was cleared when there was no such incident occurred.

Risky and dangerous pranks and activities often lead him to controversies and legal actions. Several prominent publications throughout the globe blasted him for his activities and called on the government to put him away.

What are his best traits to be admired by his fans?

A renowned Facebook personality, Shammi is mostly acknowledged for his pranks, challenges and social experiments videos posted on his social pages. He also started a YouTube series, in which he played practical jokes on his pals to annoy them. This prank series was a huge hit among his followers on YouTube and Facebook. The out of the way and extreme level of pranks and experiments are making him viral on social media with 930,000 followers.

He has a large following on Instagram as well. Videos, images and snippets from his vlogs, challenges and pranks are shared on his Instagram. He enjoys posting pictures of him and his mates having fun together. He has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram at this moment.

In addition to his Instagram and YouTube followings, he also has more than a million people following him on Twitter. He also tried to establish a Vine account earlier, but either he didn’t get approved or couldn’t figure out how to do so.

Shammi Prashad Zodiac Sign

What role do the stars have in determining a person’s accomplishments? Some individuals believe that having a wonderful day is due to the influence of the stars. The zodiac signs are also given a lot of credit for making important personal choices. Did you know that Shammi Prasad’s astrological sign is that of the Aquarius? People born under the Aquarius zodiac are said to be very perceptive. They’re also quite creative.

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