Why You Should Consider Hosting a Fish as Your Roommate

There are ample reasons why people choose fish over other animals when they are looking for something to pet at home.

Keeping aquariums at home and hosting fishes is an age-old hobby practiced by people, who love water and are fond of fishes. 

Today, we are going to share the advantages of hosting fishes at home for people who are still weighing their options on which pet to bring home. You must be wondering why fish keeping is important. 

Listed below are some of the most common reasons to keep fish at home. 

They Create a Soothing Environment

The very sight of the fishes swimming peacefully in the water can calm down the surrounding environment. 

If you have disruptions in the family, or at your work place, you can spend some time sitting in front of the aquarium at home. Trust me, it can calm you down. Aquariums can create a soothing environment around us. 

Soothes Nerves and Reduces Stress

There are numerous reasons for fish keeping. The major reason is that the presence of a fish tank at home can soothe your nerves when you are feeling extremely anxious, especially when the fish tank is kept in your bedroom. 

The reason behind keeping fishes as pets is that, unlike other pets, fishes do not create any noise. For example, if you have a pet dog or catyou need to get used to their barking and mewing, which might feel tiring to the ears when you are busy doing something important.

But, with fishes you will never have that problem. They are independent creatures that hardly demand any attention. They like to remain undisturbed.

So, when you have come home from the office. And, after a really bad day at work, they can be your perfect companions. They can listen to your problems patiently through the glass, and the sight of them playing around in the water contentedly acts as a visual stimulator.

That forces your stress levels to go down and pacify your nerves.  

Aquariums are Good for Heart Patients

We are all living in a high-pressure world, where we are constantly dealing with problems. When, we are talking about fish keeping importance, you’d be more than happy to know, that according to a lot of studies, it is a proven fact, that aquariums reduce the heart rate by 7%. 

Therefore, if you have been suffering from high blood pressure for years, and stay in the house all by yourself, it might be a good idea to bring a fish home. It will not only give you company, but will also help you keep a check on your health. 

 A Fish Can Become Your Roommate

A lot of people stay alone miles away from their homes for the sake of pursuing higher education or they travel abroad in search of jobs. Not being able to see their loved ones for months can make them anxious. 

In this scenario, it might seem a good idea to pet a fish in your hostel room. A fish helps reduce loneliness, and if you are prone to depression, the routine maintenance of a fish tank can give you a valid reason to get out of depression. 

You must be wondering how? Well, when you keep a fish tank by your bedside, you need to keep an eye on the requirements of your fish, so that it stays alive and healthy. 

The routine tasks like switching on the pump periodically, changing water, and feeding your little roommate, will give you a reason to stay away from depression. 

The last thing you’ll want is your fish to suffer, because of your emotional turmoil. Therefore, if you are packing your bags to go abroad, I would suggest you get a fish for yourself as soon as you settle down, before you start feeling homesick. 

The best part about petting a fishis every day when you get back to home, you know, your little water buddies are silently waiting for you. The way these little creatures respond to our love is simply adorable.  

Makes You Productive

The lockdown and the social distancing norms to stay safe from the coronavirus have started a new trend of working from home. 

The majority of people has stopped commuting office and started working from home. This trend has forced people to stay at home for the greater part of the day. That’s why their social circles are shrinking. 

They hardly find any time to mingle with their workgroups. Most of the meetings are done on virtual platforms. Sitting for hours in front of the computer can be extremely tiring and boring, especially when you are so tied up in work that you have nothing better to do. A fish can act as a mind freshener, and help you find time to relax. It forces you to take breaks at regular intervals,when you get up to feed the fish. This makes you more productive and improves your focus. 

Fish Can Calm A Child Down

If you have a hyperactive son or daughter at home, who doesn’t let you sit even for a while, and you are tired of finding ways to calm or dissuade your children, a fish can be a solution to all your existing problems. Instead of a toy you can try gifting your child a fish. Fishes can calm them down, and also help them go off to sleep. 

Moreover, by keeping a fish at home you can teach them to be sensitive and tolerant towards animals without exposing them to risks.

Whereas, if you have a dog and your children are hyperactive, you always have to live under the fear that the dog might harm your child. Fishes are harmless, peaceful creatures that can be relied on.

Final Takeaway

To conclude we can say that there are numerousbenefits of fish keeping

Aquariums are beautiful.They not only improve the appearance of your house but also help you in many other ways.

 Firstly, aquariums can create a soothing environment for people who have a heart problem, and help in decreasing their heart rate.

Secondly, if you are prone to depression and anxiety, then a fish can keep your stress levels at bay. 

Thirdly, fishes are excellent roommates because they are non-interfering and do not have any demands.

Fishes are silent creatures. All you get to hear when you keep an aquarium at home is the white noise coming from the water pump. And, it’s extremely soothing.

So, in case you are a creative person like an artist or a writer, and have recently started working from home. A fish will help you concentrate better, and make you more productive. They also help in improving your concentration.

And, most importantly, if there is a hyperactive child at home, then a fish can become his best friend. 

Merely looking at the aquarium can calm a child down, because the white noise coming from the aquarium and the sigh of water is extremely soothing to them. 

Apart from this, a fish can teach children to be compassionate towards animals, and there is no fear of your children getting hurt.   Life under the water is astonishing. It’s filled with curiosity and it’s a delight seeing the little fishes swim in front of you. So, if you have never had a pet before, you can try bringing a fish home to see how it goes. And, you you’ll definitely fall in love with the aquatic world. It’s just a matter of time; with a little research and practice, you can soon become a fish enthusiast who will be an expert in hosting fishes in an aquarium.

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